Cleaning Microsoft Edge


BleachBit 1.12.
Windows 10 VM Guest via VirtualBox 5.2.6, Windows 10 host as well (basic VM snapshot available from
Winapp2.ini downloaded and enabled.

There's no section for MS Edge listed in BleachBit. I checked the existence checks for files in the INI file, and they're there.

How do I enable cleaning cache/cookies/etc. for MS Edge?



BleachBit version 1.19 does not come with it out of the box. You can try to install the experimental edge.xml cleaner. See CleanerML for information on how to improve CleanerML. If you make improvements, you can contribute them back.

I hope in a future version of BleachBit that better support for Edge will be included.

Also, if you enable Winapp2.ini, it should add a few Edge cleaning options.

Andrew, lead developer