CCleaner Issue re Bleachbit downloading?

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I downloaded CCleaner and then found out there was a price and that it was not "free" as suggested. Next I uninstalled it from an old Windows XP machine, and I can see everything on the Internet, but I canNOT download bleachbit--not in a new window, new tab, etc. I suspect CCleaner has killed this option somehow. There is nothing wrong with my Internet connection; it is a "Bleachbit Blackout" for me. Does anyone have suggestions/thoughts on this situation?

What happens when you try to download BleachBit? How far can you get? What error message you you see?

Have you tried another browser such a Firefox or Google Chrome? Recently the required TLS encryption, so it is not compatible with Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows XP. You can still use Windows XP to download BleachBit, but you will need to use a modern browser.

Andrew, lead developer

Andrew, you really replied fast -- thank you for that. I was getting one of those messages to check my Internet connection, altho' I had connections to EVERYTHING ELSE. Long story short, I finally have it downloaded and running. Thank you, again.