Is captcha when posting necessary for long time forum members?

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Seems captchas are used for all logged in members, before posting, to limit spam. I get that.

But is it really necessary for those having been members for a good while, w/ several posts & no spamming, etc?

Maybe you have no control over setting the software, so it doesn't present the captcha in certain instances?

Do what you need to do, but I see very few forums that make long time members w/ numerous posts solve a captcha, on every single post.


A few months ago I disabled automatic forum registrations because the spam was so bad, but since then I've had no spam (except for a few hours when I tried re-enabling forum registrations).

Based on this and your suggestion, today I disabled the image CAPTCHA.

Sorry about the inconvenience.

Andrew, lead developer

I guess I understand your comment. Thanks? Wasn't that big of inconvenience - just kind of wondering.

I didn't mean that if there was no way to disable captchas, even for registered users logging in, w/o getting more spam than a Hormel packing plant, that you should do it.

I'm sure it's necessary for new registration (myself - I'd probably use it for new registrations), if the system allows it. Be nice if certain accts could be flagged. But, I guess if a live person signs up then turns it over to bots, the acct is just closed.

What in the world do spammers send to a site like yours, that would likely get them anything? I guess it costs them almost nothing to try, but still.... Are they trying for ads or something more malicious?

Internet is both a blessing & curse - for some.

After I disabled hyperlinks, spammers get nothing, but they keep posting.

This forum system allows where to place the CAPTCHA, but new user registration was not enough. Spammers were somehow getting through everywhere. I wonder if they pay people to solve CAPTCHAs or if they have advanced OCR.

Andrew, lead developer