Can't create account in Launchpad

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Tried several times to create an acct in launchpad on 5/4/2012. Had no problems getting to the acct creation page, following link from BB site - "Contribute." I enabled session cookies for the launchpad domain, cleared cache & reloaded page. After filling in form, gives the message

Page Is Stale

Try going back to home page & starting again.

I did go back a couple times, but 2nd time I filled in form in ~ 15 sec, so can't be that page is really stale.
It must not like something in my Firefox setup. Perhaps adblocking, tracker blocking, no 3rd party cookies??? - dunno.

If you have suggestions, I'll try again.

Yes, maybe a setting is causing a problem, so try with a fresh browser profile.

Andrew, lead developer

so try with a fresh browser profile

Huh? entire new profile or new login to BB w/ cache / cookies cleared?

In this context, don't know what "Page is Stale" means. It's definitely not because (actual) of time involved.

I don't know if the launchpad register page depends on page referral from the forum, as I have Firefox referer header turned off.
That of any other addons / settings in my FF isn't a problem creating accts on other Trac / bug reporting sites.

Also, 3rd party cookies are disabled, various trackers used on the forum, like Add This, Google Analytics, Google +1 are blocked - so if that breaks referral to launchpad, so be it. I haven't tried going straight to the launchpad URL w/o going thru the forum.

There is no integration between this site and Launchpad. It's just a simple link to LP.

The browser profile suggestion is for troubleshooting. It sounds like your browser is heavily modified, so as a quick troubleshooting step you would want to eliminate those modifications as a cause of the problem. One easy way to get a clean browser profile is to start a different browser that you don't usually use.

I don't support Launchpad, so if Launchpad is not working, try a Google search for "launchpad trouble logging in." When I did it, it brings up which has a section "Login issues"

Andrew, lead developer