cannot delete contents of linux dotted directory


In linux the directory that stores the browser Vivaldi's data are all files within:


but the bleachbit gui in linux does not allow the addition of dotted directories i.e., .config, into the custom fields.

How does someone enter a .dotted directory for file deletions within?

When you are browsing for the folder, right click on any object to get a context menu with the option to show hidden files and folders.

Andrew, lead developer

Ah! that's the trick! Thank you!

Isn't there a way to modify the bleachbit configuration files so that rather than my manually entering each file under a directory that I need to delete, I can somehow add a wildcard?

I don't think it will accept wildcards, even if you edit the bleachbit.ini configuration file.

Could you add the whole directory instead of each file? I am guessing you cannot because you want to preserve some files, so if you are a bit tech savvy, another option is to create a CleanerML file, which is a powerful language that allows wildcards and other file-matching patterns.

Andrew, lead developer