Bleachbit Won't Clean Opera - Ubuntu 16.04


Apologies if this topic has been covered, the forum search function seems ineffectual.

Although an Opera cleaner is advertised in the left-hand pane, Bleachbit finds nothing to delete.

I'm using Bleachbit 1.10 under Ubuntu 16.04 to clean Opera 43.0

Thanks for help.



I upgraded to Bleachbit 1.12, but it still ignores Opera...

Please see bug ticket 1389821

The tl;dv version is it is for an older version of Opera. Help from the community is welcome here.

Andrew, lead developer

Thanks for your response. What kind of help do you need?


(a) Technical analysis of Opera and development of the Opera cleaner in BleachBit's CleanerML language or (b) the funds to hire someone to do this.

It may not be too hard because because Opera switched to WebKit, like Chrome, and there is already a cleaner for Chrome.

Andrew, lead developer

Update: I think I installed an update because Bleachbit now starts without opening a Terminal window. However, the version is still listed as 1.12.

New problem: Bleachbit now finds nothing to delete on Firefox 52.0.2 (64-bit).

What's going on? Any ideas?

Thanks for help...

My bad. I read the FAQ, ran BB as regular user. BB now finds Firefox data. Sorry.

Still no joy with Opera, though. Even as regular non-root user.

I am glad you figured out Firefox. Yes, BleachBit version 1.12 does not fully support recent versions of Opera. To get notified of updates, read the release notes for each release of BleachBit, or you can subscribe to the bug ticket for more frequent updates on this particular issue

Andrew, lead developer

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I've experienced the same problem on Linux Mint, but to confuse matters further there are two separate versions of Opera (which are both Chromium based). One version is available via the Software Manager (which is an internet suite I think) and one is available from The latter is advertised as containing a VPN (really just a proxy) that works for the browser only, not the entire OS. I had this problem with the VPN version of Opera, where Opera appears in BB, but nothing is ever cleaned.

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