BleachBit removes downloaded album art (not really a "bug")


I can only speak for myself, but this should also apply to many Linux users as well.

When using BleachBit 0.7.3 on openSUSE 11.2, BleachBit removes the album art used by Banshee (a music library and player). Banshee 1.5 stores downloaded album art in this location:


Older versions of Banshee saved album art in a folder called album-art instead of media-art, I believe.

If the option "Cache" under the "System" section is checked, BleachBit will remove all album artwork saved under ~/.cache/media-art/ (which is "normal" for the program.) After this happens, you need to manually play every single track to re-download the album artwork, which is time consuming. Trying to use the "Download Covert Art" utility ignores albums and tracks that have already automatically retrieved the artwork. This is why you must manually retrieve the album art one-by-one.

This is undesireable if you use a program, such as Banshee, which saves and reads album art to and from this directory. Could the next version of BleachBit possibly ignore this specific folder? Or maybe an option can be implemented to ignore user-defined locations?

This is one of several comments lately requesting white listing user-defined files/directories. I'll see what I can do, but it won't happen right away

Andrew, lead developer

I realized BleachBit was cleaning out my album art folder, too. I began backing up the folder to my Documents folder (which is actually on an external HD) and I copy the art back after using BB. I'm not anal about BB, I only run it every once in a while, so this is a minor nuisance.

Until there is white listing, you may also consider in BleachBIt unchecking the options (system cache, or whatever) that deletes these files.

Andrew, lead developer