Bleachbit options equals some application options?


Hi all,

I think this is more a general question rather than some issue, so i give it a try.

When i look at the available (cleaning) options under Bleachbit, i noticed that most options are also by default available under other applications. For instance, the option to clean up cookies, web browser history, etc. is by default also available under Firefox, Chromium/Chrome. Also the APT cleaning options can be performed manually in a terminal (Linux).

I think it is correct to say that Bleachbit is merely a tool that centralizes all these options. But in what way differs Bleachbit compared to the default options in other external applications regarding to the way of cleaning up "trash"? How far is Bleachbit secure regarding to some cleaning options (i.e APT tools can be very harmful if you don't know how to use it correctly)? Also some options are still experimental, in what way could those options be harmful to a (Linux) system when running them?


BleachBit centralizes options that are available elsewhere, plus it offers some options not available. For example, BleachBit innovated by offering vacuuming of SQLite databases. Later BleachBit added cleaning for Google Chrome's StartupDNSPrefetchList, which I think Google Chrome itself does not clean. For people who have upgraded their browsers or applications, BleachBit also cleans old versions of applications that the applications often do not maintain.

BleachBit version 1.8 is relatively safe. There is a saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure," so as a concrete example, one person wants to keep his passwords, but another person wants to shred them. Please read options before reading them, and you should be OK.

Andrew, lead developer