Bleachbit messed up my desktop icons and folder views


I am running Ubuntu 12.04. After running Bleachbit, I noticed that my "File Management Preferences" (access this by going to Edit > Preferences > "Views" tab when in any folder in the file system) were locked. In other words, no setting I made here would stick. For example, if I choose to view new folders in list view instead of the default icon view, my setting would be completely ignored.

I decided to try to fix this by rebooting. It worked, but on reboot, I noticed that all my desktop icons had been rearranged.

Nothing fatal happened here, but the changes were almost certainly due to Bleachbit, so I would like to know which setting I used caused them. Anyone have any ideas?


Never mind. I ran Bleachbit again and could not reproduce the problem. I don't know what caused the problems I described, but at this point, the fact that I ran Bleachbit before the problems occurred seems to have been only coincidental. I will consider this topic closed for now.

I sincerely appreciate the update. Occasionally I hear of such issues, but I have never been able to reproduce them. Most BleachBit users do not experience anything like this either. I assume that some are coincidence, and sometimes a person gets into a cleaning and tweaking mode, making many system changes using a variety of methods, and running BleachBit is just one of those changes.

Andrew, lead developer