Bleachbit and Fedora 12



System: Fedora linux 12, 64 bit

Since there is no specific version for Linux Fedora 12, are there any reported problems with using the current version (bleachbit-0.7.1-1.1.fc11.noarch.rpm) in the Fedora 12 repositories ?

sudo yum install bleachbit

Thank you.

I haven't heard from anyone using Fedora 12, but it should work fine: both use Python 2.6.x. I myself use Fedora 11 but haven't had a chance to try F12 yet.

Andrew, lead developer


I've installed to Fedora 12 64 bit with the download;

$ sudo yum localinstall bleachbit-0.7.1-1.1.fc11.noarch.rpm

I believe it wants bleachbit's public key, here is the error message;
warning: rpmts_HdrFromFdno: Header V3 DSA signature: NOKEY, key ID 659cf512

I searched the standard keyservers for the ID but did'nt turn up anything.

Please advise.

Best regards.

Import the cryptographic signing key for that package with this command:
rpm --import

Andrew, lead developer

That did it !

Works great, thank you very much, you've done great work.