BleachBit 1.13 alpha 1


My test results for BleachBit 1.13 alpha 1:

- I do not see any smearing effect with the shredding application.

- NSIS installer was showing 3.0, so NSIS was successfully updated.

Issues with 1.13 alpha 1:

- Scrolling really fast through the cleaning rules will cause BleachBit to tear and smear all the lettering. If you stop scrolling, it will be fine then. I am on a 1920x1080 HDMI TV.

- Application column is missing in the cleaning section.

- BleachBit is asking to update to 1.12.

Thank you for testing.

I quieted the update notice

I wonder whether the smearing is specific to a video driver or configuration because I am not seeing it.

I am not clear about the application column, so perhaps you can post a screenshot of BleachBit 1.12 (working) or 1.13 alpha 1 (broken). This is what mine looks like on Windows 7

Andrew, lead developer


Ok, so I completely uninstalled BleachBit, then installed BleachBit 1.12, here is screenshot:

Then I completely uninstalled BleachBit 1.12 and installed alpha 1, here is screenshot:
As you can see, the application column is completely missing for me.

As for the tearing, this is the best I could get a picture of what it kind of looks like:
This does not happen on BleachBit 1.12 and I have all drivers up-to-date.

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Would you please open a bug ticket about the application cleaner missing? You can mark it high priority for BleachBit 2.0.

Andrew, lead developer