BleachBit 0.8.8 does not work in Xubuntu 11.04

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Boys your program in Xubuntu does not work ..... remember also that there ......
This is the returned error message every time you try to clean the root

[Errno 13] Permesso negato: '/root/tmp2J7rKGynxbVd_hFjdpTXweAthMXkAlf5IWk.qTZF0bx6knYKGcrWfubnjAlLYsa4HmNMHIy9kEERSQu-nwV5FBYkxsk6uVlJl9_1r9ZcYPJKV1hEoR ZXL7i4n4GdMzWELKUa5isO7IHa-SICQL3fCZGVN1DnAhVTUErkg5ISq0Y8_fQGHgpXrjUzUYHBSngoLCz1SRLhOup6-gHSlsOJuYrlIl2hE3m.EAKDtxFnmjM4randx427gmAKuc'

Did you install BleachBit from the Xubuntu (Ubuntu) 11.04 repo or from this web site? Which version of BleachBit? Are you running with normal permissions or as root/administrator?

Andrew, lead developer