Adding my Browser Chrome To Bleachbit


Hello everyone, I wanted to know how I can add my browser to Bleachit so it will be also cleaned
I have been trying for sometime to do this with out any luck...I have Chromium installed but when I open up Bleachbit and clean my system I don't be my browser it. I'm running Ubuntu Mate and Ubuntu 16.04
Thanks for any help with this.

You mean in BleachBit you do not see any checkboxes for Chromium?

Are you running BleachBit as root or as a normal user?

Which version of BleachBit? (To check, click Help - About .)

Andrew, lead developer

Hello I'm running BleachBit 1.10 as far as Chromium I don't see it listed any were within Bleachbit

Are you running BleachBit as root or as a normal user

Me: Well I just installed it on my Linux system so I'm not sure if it's root or not

When I open Bleachbit it telling me this

You are running BleachBit with administrative privileges

RobG: In Ubuntu there should be two links in the Ubuntu menu that launch BleachBit. One is called just "BleachBit" and the other "BleachBit as Administrator."

Use just "BleachBit" to run BleachBit as a normal user to clean up your own user's profile such as Chromium.

Then, if you want, use "BleachBit as Administrator" to clean up system files like APT, system logs, and localizations.

If you still need help, let me know.

Andrew, lead developer