About Winapp2


Hello everyone.

As many of you all can tell, Winapp2 has not been updated since March. The Winapp2 manager has recently posted at Piriform forums that he has been busy, but he still plans on returning to Winapp2 whenever he is ready to do so.

Some of you might realize that here at BleachBit, we maintain our own modified Winapp2 file that not only includes the original Winapp2 file, but removed entries from Winapp2 due to merging with CCleaner's entries. Winapp2 notified everyone that he is planning on moving Winapp2 to GitHub to help him continue the project and to more separate from the Piriform community. I have advised Winapp2 to make 2 separate Winapp2 files, 1 will be for CCleaner with removed entries and the other will be for all other cleaners (not just BleachBit).

I am not 100% sure, yet, if this will happen, but if it does, it will mean that there should be more frequent Winapp2 updates, as well as, better support from the community. If he does make 2 separate Winapp2 files, I will be taking the modified BleachBit Winapp2 file and posting it on GitHub for all other cleaners to use as well. Please note that our modified Winapp2 only contains removed entries from now to 2 years ago. Anything before that is most likely not added.

Everyone hang in there. Winapp2 is still going on.

Thank you for the update, ROCKNROLLKID.

Andrew, lead developer