2.0 no longer overwriting files on network drives?

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Hi there,

Windows 7 Pro with BB 2.0 installed
Ausustor NAS providing network drives
Bleachbit 2.0 with overwrite selected in preferences

Prior to using version 2.0, if I right clicked and selected "Shred with BleachBit" on a file or folder on a network drive on my NAS, BleachBit would behave much in the same way as if the file/folder was on the PC's internal drive/s. BleachBit would work through the task and one could see the NAS was indicating hard drive activity as the files were overwritten (on my PC I can actually hear the write action taking place).

This still happens under version 2.0 on my PC's internal drives. However if performing the same action on the network drives, the behaviour has changed. The files are "deleted" instantly, with no visible indication that the data was overwritten.

I'm concerned that 2.0 is no longer performing the overwrite on the network drives.

Is this expected behaviour now? Is the data on the network drives still being overwritten?

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Windows 7 Pro

No, this is not intended. BleachBit probably cannot use the new, improved method introduced in BleachBit version 2.0 on network drives, but it should fall back to the old method.

Your description sounds like a bug. I do not have an immediate solution, but I would like to research and fix this, maybe in the next release, so would you please file a bug ticket? This will help with management.

The bug ticket description can be copy and paste and/or a link back to this thread.

Do you use the standard Windows file networking protocol (SMB)? Is the path a mapped drive or UNC path?

Andrew, lead developer

OK done that: https://github.com/bleachbit/bleachbit/issues/338

thanks for looking into it. I've gone back to 1.12 for now.

oh sorry I didn't notice your question.

So in the settings of my NAS I am able to switch on specific services.

For Windows I have on a service it calls CIFS/SMB. The drives are set up via Windows Explorer's "Map network drive" option.

I also have on the NFS service for accessing the NAS via my Linux laptop. I have not tested the same functionality with BleachBit on Linux.