Test BleachBit 0.7.4 beta

Please test the new BleachBit 0.7.4 beta which with enhancements, bug fixes, and translation updates. In particular, please test:

  • Remove two paths (or drives) from the list of drives in the preferences dialog. If there are not two to remove, first add one. (Bug 532527)
  • In the list of drives in the preferences dialog, click the remove button when no paths are selected. Nothing should happen.
  • Notice for non-English languages that words such as "delete" can be translated in different ways depending on the context. For example for the word "delete," there is a button context, a log context, and a column label context.
  • Delete a file with a non-ASCII name. If you don't happen to have any in a directory covered by the built-in cleaners, click File - Shred Files.
  • Click Edit - Preferences. Click on the Languages tab. Verify each of the 37 languages for which BleachBit has a translation has a name in this list. For example, language code nds has a name Plattdüütsch as well as the code nds.
  • Click File - Shred Settings and Quit. BleachBit should close, and the next time you open BleachBit, all your settings (such as which cleaners you selected) should be reset. This does not work yet with portable mode.
  • Verify the file sizes are all listed with EIC binary prefixes (e.g., 1KiB=1000 bytes).
  • Use BleachBit when the disk (the partition with its settings) is 100% full.
  • Try the Low German translation.
  • Linux
    • On a distribution with a recent version of GTK+ (such as Ubuntu 10.04), launch BleachBit. Check either the console or .Xsession-errors, and verify there are no depreciation warnings. (Bug 539411)
    • Try the new package for Ubuntu Lucid Lynx (10.04).
  • Windows
    • Vacuum Firefox, Google Chrome, or Thunderbird.
    • Delete a registry key with a non-ASCII name. This has been seen with the non-English version of Microsoft Office 2007.
    • Clean Wordpad.
    • Browse all the menus and windows to verify they all still work.
    • Use BleachBit translated in one of the 37 supported languages.

To look for regressions follow the standard tests on the "Testing" page.


The new "Shred Settings and Quit" is not compatible with portable mode.

Remember: beta releases are more likely to contain bugs and are recommended only for testing. Use with caution.

Report any bugs to the bug tracker.



April 15, 2010: BleachBit version 0.7.4 has been released


Translators, please update your translations.

Final release

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