Test BleachBit 0.6.4 beta

Test the new BleachBit 0.6.4 beta. In particular, please test the three new features:

  • The new command line interface. In Linux, run bleachbit --help for usage help. To list available cleaners and options, run bleachbit --list To preview deleting Firefox cache, run bleachbit --preview firefox.cache To delete Firefox cache and all of Opera and vacuum Firefox's SQLite databases, run bleachbit --delete firefox.cache opera.* firefox.vacuum On Windows, use c:\program files\bleachbit\bleachbit_console.exe to see the console output. For thorough testing, please invoke the command line interface in all different ways: a graphical shell (such as GNOME Terminal or KDE Konsole), cron, shell script, Windows batch file, Windows Task Scheduler, etc. The command line interface prints debug output: in future versions, there will be an option to turn this off.
  • At the end of a preview or delete operation, BleachBit now prints more information: the number of files deleted, the disk space recovered, the number of special operations (such as vacuuming), and the number of errors (if any).
  • The newest translation is Malay.

Also, please test for regressions. Core code was changed causing possible failures in old functionality: in particular, test starting BleachBit, previewing files, and deleting files. On Linux, please test starting the BleachBit graphical interface from the menu, from the menu with root privileges, and from the terminal.

If you package BleachBit for a repository, please make sure your launcher is bleachbit.py instead of GUI.py.

Because of the significant time it takes to prepare all the installation packages, only the following installation packages are offered for this beta:


September 16: BleachBit 0.6.4 has been released.

For other Linux distributions, you can try the most similar installation package above. For example, Ubuntu 8.10 and LinuxMint 6 and 7 users can download the Ubuntu 8.04 package. Alternatively, run from source, which is not very difficult because there is nothing to compile.

Check back soon for the final release with the detailed release notes (as usual).

Also, check out the new documentation / manual which contains much more detail than before.

Finally, I am testing moving the blog from blogspot.com to sourceforge.net, and I hope the change does not cause a disruption in the news feed.