Bonus pack moved from SVN to Git

Volunteers are needed to develop and test cleaners for BleachBit.

For a few years the bonus pack has been open to community submissions of CleanerML-defined cleaners through SVN and Launchpad, but this has produced only 17 cleaners. It is not sustainable for one person to do all the development and testing—or even just the testing.. There are thousands of worthy applications, and it make it more challenging, cleaners need often tested and updated for each release of the application and often on multiple operating systems. I cannot do this while also investing in the BleachBit core system.

Since then git and GitHub has grown in popularity, and now is the time to try something new. I imported the bonus pack into Git, and the community is welcome to develop, test, and use these cleaners. If collaborating on cleaners in Git goes well, the cleaners will be automatically distributed through BleachBit similar to how Bleachbit on Windows updates Winapp2.ini.

If you don't understand XML, remember that testing (and reporting test results) is an important job. One place to start is verifying submissions in Launchpad and moving them to Git.

Share your comments below, or visit CleanerML on GitHub.

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