BleachBit 99th Most Popular on SourceForge

Today BleachBit has broken in to the 100 most popular projects on SourceForge by taking 99th place. This may not seem much until you consider there are 230,000 other projects: BleachBit is ranked higher than 99.957% of projects.

Screenshot of BleachBit's rank on September 26, 2009

SourceForge's ranking system counts downloads, web activity, development, and communication. BleachBit's rank was supported by downloads and web activity and strongly boosted by recent SVN activity to prepare BleachBit 0.6.5 beta.

Being open source, not all of BleachBit's downloads come through its web site, so the SourceForge numbers undercount the total users. All popular Linux distributions distribute BleachBit through their package repositories (such as Debian and Ubuntu). Today the Ubuntu ranks BleachBit more regularly used than 96.58% of packages (rank 4379 out of 128058).

Not bad for a project that started in December.

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