BleachBit 1.9.3 beta

BleachBit, the open source system cleaner, announces the public 1.9.3 beta. Please help test today.

These particular areas are a priority for testing:

  • Take note of the Google Chrome autofill names, email addresses, etc. Then clean Google Chrome - Form History, and verify the entries are removed. You can also use this testing page. If you are logged in to Google Chrome, it may automatically restore some of these values from the cloud unless you disable the option Show addresses and credit cards from Google Payments in the autofill page of Google Chrome settings.
  • Click Edit - Preferences and toggle the new checkbox about IEC sizes. When it is enabled and you are previewing or cleaning, you should see IEC sizes such as KiB, MiB, GiB, and when disabled, you should see SI sizes such as kB, MB, and GB.
  • See also BleachBit 1.9.2 beta
  • Specific to Linux
    • Clean System - Memory while watching how much memory in use. For a few seconds most the memory should be in use.
  • Specific to Windows
    • The installer should work.
    • Start BleachBit, and without doing anything, close it. There should not be a popup window about bleachbit.exe.log.
    • In the Windows Start Menu use the shortcut Bleachbit No UAC, and verify it starts BleachBit without showing the the User Access Control (UAC) dialog.
    • Click Help - System Information, and look for a line platform.version. It should have a build number like 10.0.10240 and not like 32bit.
    • Clean a locked file. Sometimes there are locked files in System - Temporary Files. Another way is to open a document in Microsoft Office, and clean it using File - Shred Files while Microsoft Office is running. Close BleachBit, and there should not be a popup window about bleachbit.exe.log.

See also the list of bugs targeted to BleachBit version 1.10 and a list of code changes. These links give more details including credits for people contributing patches and reporting bugs. The final release will include some of these details.

Since BleachBit 1.0, odd-numbered minor versions are unstable releases, so BleachBit 1.9.3 is the second beta release for 1.10 stable.

To look for regressions follow the standard tests on the Testing page.



December 26, 2015: BleachBit 1.9.4 beta has been released.


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