BleachBit 0.7.0 released

BleachBit 0.7.0 adds the Deep Scan feature to find widely-scattered junk such as Thumbs.db files, optionally automatically starts when computer starts, introduces the second generation CleanerML cleaner markup language, wipes memory and swap on Linux, adds or improves 23 cleaning options, adds the Belarusian translation, and updates 22 translations.


November 9: BleachBit 0.7.1 has been released.


The following changes have been made since 0.6.5:

  • Deep scan finds several common types of junk files (such as Windows Thumbs.db and Mac OS X .DS_Store) anywhere in your home directory.
  • Add option to automatically start BleachBit when computer starts for routine cleaning.
  • Delete Adobe Flash Player asset cache
  • Delete more Google Chrome history
  • If you have any private cleaners, you must upgrade them to CleanerML version 2. It has more features but is not backwards compatible. In many cases this Bash script will help you upgrade. If the script does not help, manual editing is easy.
  • Fix bug preventing the menu option File - Shred Files from working.
  • Specific to Linux
    • Wipe swap and free memory. Everything you do on your computer is stored in the memory and swap, but it isn't often cleared. Even passwords are stored in memory. BleachBit wipes 100% of the swap file and most of the free memory. See Known issues below.
    • Delete more Google Chrome cache
    • Support Chromium: cache, cookies, history, current session, and vacuum. (Before, only CrossOver Chromium was supported on Linux.)
    • Clear KDE 4 recent documents list (thanks to Daniel Riedemann)
    • Clear usage history in GNOME Run (the dialog that shows when you type ALT+F2)
    • Clear search history in GNOME Search Tool (click Places and Search for Files)
    • Delete the old X11 session errors log
    • Delete Adobe Reader temporary files (identified by Klaus Ethgen)
    • Delete Google Earth temporary files
    • Delete IcedTea (free Java plugin) cache
    • Delete Recent documents list in Gwenview thanks to Daniel Riedemann
    • Delete more of Midnight Commander: the file position history
    • Python 2.4 (as in Ubuntu 6.06 and Debian 4) is no longer supported
    • Bonus cleaners pack
      • Fix the installation of the bonus cleaners pack RPM.
      • Delete sqlite3 command history
      • Delete MySQL CLI command history
      • Delete Midnight Commander usage history
      • Delete Metacity sessions (usage history)
      • Improve the system log cleaners
      • Don't forget to download the latest bonus pack—a separate download.
  • Specific to Windows
    • Installing translations is optional. If you want only English, uncheck Translations during installation. The English-only download is no longer needed.
    • Delete Windows Vista thumbnail cache (suggested by MixCool)
    • Delete Windows Error Reporting log files (suggested by MixCool)
    • Clear recent item list on Windows Vista (suggested by MixCool)
    • Delete Windows Defender scan history (suggested by MixCool)
    • Split out Windows Explorer from System to its own cleaner
    • Delete MUICache, a permanent log of every application you ever started (suggested by MixCool)
    • Delete Prefetcher logs. Some people think deleting prefetch logs speeds up the system, but this is a myth. The logs speed up the system and application startup, so deleting them temporarily degrades performance. After starting Windows or an application three times, the performance should be back to normal. Deleting prefetcher logs is provided for those concerned about privacy.
    • Fix translation of a few strings that were "stuck" in English.


  • Add Belarusian thanks toIryna Nikanchuk.
  • Update Arabic thanks to MaXeR.
  • Update Brazilian Portuguese thanks to André Gondim.
  • Update Chinese thanks to lhquark and Tao Wei.
  • Update Czech thanks to arrange and Roman Horník.
  • Update Dutch thanks to Fly-Man- and Rob.
  • Update Finnish thanks to Jan Forsbacka and Jan Forsbacka.
  • Update French thanks to Nicolas DERIVE.
  • Update German thanks to MixCool.
  • Update Hebrew thanks to Yaron.
  • Update Hindi thanks to nipunreddevil and sumeet.
  • Update Hungarian thanks to Muszela Balázs.
  • Update Italian thanks to Carml, Luca Falavigna, and Sergio Zanchetta.
  • Update Korean thanks to Bundo.
  • Update Malay thanks to Ibrahim Elias.
  • Update Polish thanks to Dariusz Jakoniuk and Stanislaw Gackowski.
  • Update Romanian thanks to Lucian Adrian Grijincu.
  • Update Russian thanks to Ilia Lilov aka lilovip and Iryna Nikanchuk.
  • Update Simplified Chinese thanks to lhquark.
  • Update Slovak thanks to Roman Horník.
  • Update Spanish thanks to Adrián García, Ariel Cabral, Andres E. Rodriguez Lazo, and Gonzalo Testa.
  • Update Thai thanks to
  • Update Ukrainian thanks to SkyManPHP.

Greek, Japanese, Danish, Norwegian, and Finnish translators needed! Want to help translate BleachBit? It's easy.


To enable the new option to start BleachBit when the computer starts, just check the box.

Wiping free disk space, memory, and swap is easy as checking two boxes. Shown on Fedora 11 in Spanish.

Junk files like Thumbs.db may be scattered all across your home directory. Thumbs.db files often waste space and contain a trace of images you've viewed.

Adobe Flash cookies hide in multiple directories, but BleachBit finds them all. (Shown on Ubuntu 9.10 in French.)

BleachBit protects your privacy by deleting prefetcher usage history, MUICache, and other trace files. (Shown on Windows 7 in German.)

Known issues

Wiping memory and swap is currently experimental. It should always wipe 100% of the swap, but it may not wipe all the physical memory. Before using this option, close all other running applications because they may be automatically killed by Linux. Make a note of how your swap is setup such as its partition, UUID, and size. If this option malfunctions, be prepared to manually recreate your swap setup. Launch BleachBit from a terminal, and while this cleaner is running, watch the terminal for error messages. After using this option, verify the swap is still active. Check /var/log/messages, and if the Linux out-of-memory (OOM) killer activated, it should have killed only BleachBit (not any other process). Then, reboot the computer and verify the swap is still active.

BleachBit cannot start with the computer on non-English Windows (LP#458424). Fixed for BleachBit 0.7.1.

BleachBit fails on file names with special characters on Linux systems using Latin-1 encoding. This may cause BleachBit to freeze. Use UTF-8 or test BleachBit 0.7.1 beta.

Web changes

Two new pages added: Documentation: CleanerML with instructions on creating your own cleaners in XML and Translation Status.


Download BleachBit now. Installation packages are ready for 20 platforms including CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu, and Windows.

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