How to Post a Screenshot

If you need help with BleachBit or have noticed an issue that may be a bug, you may wish to include a screenshot. This article explains how to post a screenshot.

How to capture the screenshot

Before you post a screenshot, you need to capture it from your screen to a file. On Microsoft Windows useful tools include the Snipping Tool (built into Windows) and Greenshot. On Linux, try hitting the PRINT SCREEN button on the keyboard, and if a window does not pop up, look for the screenshot in the Pictures folder. A cross-platform screenshot tool is Snaggy, which collects the image from your web browser through the clipboard.

Tip: PNG is better for screenshots than JPG because JPG compression loses details.

For more information, see the web site how to take a screenshot.

Post a screenshot

Posting a screenshot on the forum is not intuitive, but this trick will help. First, post the screenshot to a screen sharing site such as Snaggy, which lets you paste the screenshot from your clipboard. To use Snaggy, follow the instructions on their site. Then, copy the Snaggy URL to the clipboard, and paste it into your forum message.

If the issue you have found is a bug, consider posting the bug report to GitHub. GitHub is the best place to post bug reports because that is where they are managed, and it natively allows attaching screenshots (without using another file-sharing site such as Snaggy).