some applications appear twice


Some of the applications appear twice. In particular the Mozilla products Firefox and Thunderbird. Also, some entries appear on both lists. I assume that the application listed originate from winapp2.ini. Is there a way to limit the list to a single instance of an application? or can or should edit winapp2, (rather a copy of)?

Yes, I think they are coming from Winapp2.ini. You can tell which come from Winapp2.ini by selecting the option in the tree view (on the left), and in the log window (on the right) the description will state "From winapp2.ini."

To edit winapp2.ini, disable automatic updates (in the preferences) and find the Winapp2.ini file in %appdata%\bleachbit

Andrew, lead developer

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Andre, thanks for the reply. For those who are bothered by duplicate groups of applications appearing in Bleachbit, and originate from Winapp2.ini, Just live with it. :-) To edit the file, one must lead a very boring life and have a LOT of time on their hands.

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