NFS Share and multiple users at one go of BleachBit - Possible?

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Hi Everyone.

I have a question about setting up a bleachbit to run only on my server with NFS share where we have all home directories for all users (around 30-40).
I don't really want to setup bleachbit on every single machine separately, so thought about running it only on the server and cleaning all directories at one go. :)
Is that possible.
example directory structure

xxxxx= usernames


My knowledge of NFS may be dated. I haven't used NFS since 2007, and in that case, the NFS server was Linux version 2.2.

The first issue is running BleachBit as other users. Others have asked about this, for example here: (Linux) multiple profile cleanup

Second, that method requires sudo. Do you use NFS root squashing? I forget, but root squashing may cause a problem with sudo. Hmm, maybe root squashing affects only the NFS clients.

The third issue is across machines BleachBit version 0.9.2 cannot detect whether a process, such as Firefox or Google Chrome, is running. It will assume it is not running, so you should be careful to run it when you are rather sure the process is not running. For example, just after rebooting the NFS server for a weekly maintenance may be a good time.

An alternative you may consider is creating a GUI logon script for all users on your NFS network. Then you can add BleachBit (console-only mode) and other programs to the logon script. Back in 2007 I used something like this to set the geographically-closest printer to be the default printer, and to do other setup.

Andrew, lead developer