How much does BleachBit cost?

Rudy Giuliani (cybersecurity advisor and former Mayor of New York City) called BleachBit a "very expensive" tool, and since Trey Gowdy (U.S. Representative) announced that BleachBit deletes emails "so that even God can't read them," people have been saying BleachBit's stock must be going through the roof. So what are BleachBit's price and value?

This is easily misunderstood because it is sophisticated and powerful and used in important situations, but actually BleachBit has always been free of charge for:

  • All users, including personal, governmental, commercial, and educational.
  • All computer types, including desktops, laptops, and servers.
  • All network topologies, including individual computers and networks.

Downloads require no registration and are anonymous.

BleachBit is "free as in beer," so there is no licensing cost. BleachBit is also "free as in speech" meaning the source code (software blueprints) are available to all users to audit, learn from, and improve on. You also cannot buy BleachBit stock: BleachBit is more of a community than a corporation, so there is no stock, but if you like BleachBit, please invest by being a contributor.

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