Prioritization of issues

This page gives guidelines for the prioritization of issues, which includes bug tickets and requests for enhancements.


The highest priority kind of issue meet these criteria:

  • Affects the current, stable release
  • Affects many users. (For example, changes related to cleaning Google Chrome are generally a high priority because it is a popular application.)
  • The development time is low relative to the benefits.


High-priority bugs:

  • Meet the criteria above for high-priority issues
  • Significantly degrade functionality or speed
  • There is no workaround, or the workaround is unsustainable.


The highest priority of enhancements are:

  • Meet the criteria above for high-priority issues
  • Related to central purpose of BleachBit, which is to free disk space and maintain privacy
  • Related to existing functionality
  • Can be sustainably maintained

For example, cleaning viruses is out of scope, so it would be rejected. On the other hand, wiping a device is related to the existing functionality of wiping free space, so it would be accepted.

Cleaning application is within the scope of BleachBit, but within the core application, the maintenance of many cleaners may not be sustainable, so many cleaners are maintained through the CleanerML repository project.