What does Shred Settings and Quit do?


I'm using BleachBit 0.9.1 (Linux) and am preparing a presentation to the local Linux users group. I've been using BleachBit for a while but I cant find anything that explains the "Shred Settings and Quit" option from the File menu.

Did I miss something in the docs about that? If so my apologies, could you point the way?

*Note, I've noticed there is a new version 0.9.3 so I'm upgrading to that for my presentaion.

This option is for people who don't want others to know they used BleachBit. It's a self-cleaning feature.

Specifically, it erases BleachBit's settings as if you never used BleachBit. Then BleachBit closes. (Keeping BleachBit open implies using BleachBit, which would lead to it recreating the settings.)

Andrew, lead developer