Request: Invetigate profile-cleaner reindex



Andrew have you seen/heard of profile-cleaner?

This is only for sqlite3's vacuum and reindex functions, and I wonder if bleachbit is doing what it does, or maybe you can improve upon Bleachbit, if this does something different?


The vacuuming is probably the same, but BleachBit 1.8 does not call REINDEX. Feel free to file a bug/wish ticket, and later I will check whether REINDEX has a real benefit

Andrew, lead developer

Hi Andrew,

Ok thanks, and done!


Just curious, does reindex have any beneficial values?

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According to the SQLite documentation

The REINDEX command is used to delete and recreate indices from scratch. This is useful when the definition of a collation sequence has changed

Similar to VACUUM, REINDEX can be easily run on all tables in the SQLite database.

Based on a little research, the SQLlite ANALYZE command looks more likely to improve performance than the SQLite REINDEX command.

The ANALYZE command gathers statistics about tables and indices and stores the collected information in internal tables of the database where the query optimizer can access the information and use it to help make better query planning choices.

So all three commands (VACUUM, REINDEX, and ANALYZE) may sometimes improve performance (and other times do nothing), but because they are safe and fast, they look like good options for general maintenance.

Andrew, lead developer

the definition of a collation sequence has changed....

LOL, I'm clueless here, you could of easily said anything...

The Spam in The Can Became Ham, yes the definition of a collation sequence of that spam has changed! LMAO... :)

Thanks for checking...