HTML5 storage?

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thanks for a great app. Hopefully BB can be the CCleaner of Linux.

am just wondering if BleachBit is able to clean HTML5 storage(localStorage and or sessionStorage iirc?) in Firefox and Opera as well as any other new kinds of tracking bugs and E-Tags that the advertisers/profilers are trying to come up with. Web tracking is my main concern these days as it seems they will never stop trying to track while on the malware front i haven't picked up anything aside false positives for quite a few years now.

Yes, a while back BleachBit version 0.8.1 was released with HTML 5 (DOM Storage) cleaners for five major web browsers: Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Look for the option "DOM Storage." This feature was added to delete evercookies (the "impossible to clean cookies"), and I tested it against evercookie. It works. You should try it yourself. If you are paranoid, you can do this on an alternate browser profile, alternate operating system user profile, or in a virtual machine.

Andrew, lead developer

Excellent. I didn't realize how many different programs BleachBit does indeed clean up after. The GUI is kind of bland so i didn't think too much of BB initially but now that i've used it quite a bit more lately i can see that it is a very good utility. My last question was if it cleans thru Firefox if you have multiple profiles - i'm guessing it does. I usually have 3-4 profiles and that's the one thing i worry about.


About the bland interface: I have thought to work on it, but I have prioritized functionality and the backend.

About multiple Firefox profiles: BleachBit should get all Firefox profiles stored in the standard locations. it seems possible, though, to store them anywhere, and this is not supported. If in doubt, review the preview log. Another way to check is to clean everything, and then start Firefox and check for missing history or cookies or whatever you cleaned.

Andrew, lead developer