Winapp2 with Portable BleachBit


Is portable "BleachBit" stealth ?

Is Winapp2 "portable" with Portable BleachBit. or is Winapp2 installed on the local machine in C:\Users

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Win7 Home Premium 32bit

I think ... has the answer
Place the winapp2.ini file in the right directory, which is most of the same directories as CleanerML.
Winapp2 file should be placed in the same directory as "CleanML" ... in portable BleachBit folder.

Yes, you can place the file in the right folder in the portable structure. You can list the cleaners directory by clicking Help - System Information, and then look for cleaners directory.

Or you can get BleachBit to download it automatically by enabling updates in the preferences.

Andrew, lead developer

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