Thanks for the help making Bleachbit work on Windows 10


I was going to double check things in a virtual machine but couldn't. The only free images of Windows 10 I could find were meant for testing Microsoft Edge, and they had a 90 day limit, and wouldn't work in VirtualBox. I got the vhdx file to run in Hyper V, but Hyper V is very limited when it comes to handling wireless networking on a laptop. So I said screw that, and tested it directly on my main laptop, and I'm relieved to say, that all the major issues on Windows 10 seem to have magically went away for good. Thank you both Andrew and ROCKNROLLKID. I would've helped, but I was so busy recently with the holidays, and I had to help my father move into a new house, and I couldn't even access a good Windows 10 image to use. But my issues are gone now! I donated to your medical recovery, and after seeing your actions, I know for certain you are trustworthy. Don't take my paranoia earlier so seriously, though, I'm not one to let others hang in misery when they are telling the truth, it's just I've donated before to large organizations like Cyanogenmod, and I've learned that for their actions, I should avoid donating to people and groups that are large and have leaders with questionable motives (read - greed), and to avoid what obviously smells like either a cash grab or con job. But you seem very honest, so I will donate again, knowing the money is being sent to someone who knows how to control it properly. Good luck on healing, and the crashes here have stopped.

I have decided to donate $20, and donate $5 monthly as a recurring payment until this is all said and done with. But I'm curious on one thing - I wonder if there's some way to update my payment info, change the amount, or, only if I'm very tight on money, cancel the recurring donations as time continues on. I plan on donating for the next year onward if necessary. At least until I'm satisfied that enough money has been given to a good cause. I thought about donating to BleachBit itself, but no, that isn't nearly as big of a deal as someone losing a limb and needing constant medical treatments. I'd rather have the money go somewhere more urgent first, as I am not that rich. I currently don't have a job, but I do have enough spare cash to give something. Plus I cannot let someone who helps around here that got involved in such a bad accident go around without a limb or something bad like that. You have earned the money. Use it wisely, as I am certain you will.

Hi MikeRL,

I am glad to hear it is working, and your thought process on donation is sound. I'll let ROCKNROLLKID answer about the recurring donations through

Andrew, lead developer


Thank you MikeRL. Every little bit helps me, but I think throwing a few bucks to BleachBit is also a good idea, too. You have to remember, BleachBit is free and Andrew only gets paid with the donations he makes (which I have no idea what kind of donations he gets).

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