Odd behavior having to deny UAC to preview current user's profile

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I've just used BleachBit for the 1st time. So far I'm impressed w/ what it finds - for the ADMIN ACCT used in Vista, to allow installing Bitbleach.

At 1st, could not imagine why it wasn't finding anything for the user acct currently active (and only acct logged on to in Vista).
As you know, lauching BB prgm brings up the UAC screen. Since there's NOTHING mentioned in any help file, documentation, etc. (AFAIK), that in order to find files to be deleted under a limited user acct, you simply have to hit "Cancel" on the UAC screen, asking for an admin PW.

It just seems like this small detail should be conspicuously mentioned, somewhere.

If you do a search on Bleach Bit's forum / site for "user profiles," it finds an article mentioning:

For Microsoft Windows:

If running Windows Vista or later, starting BleachBit will immediately show the UAC prompt. Whether you accept or decline the UAC, BleachBit will start (with or without administrator privileges). When BleachBit starts, click Help - About - System Information and verify IsUserAnAdmin is False or True (depending whether you accepted or denied the UAC) ."

Note: I didn't find anything about this in the help documentation - & was wondering why?

This is a fairly complicated, well developed prgm. Surely there must be a better way to let users 1) know about how to get it to scan other user profiles, 2) choose which profile to scan?

So far, I'm assuming to get it to scan other limited user accts, you must be logged into that acct, then hit Cancel when UAC screen pops. That's the way I got it to scan other limited user accts.

I'm a fairly advanced user & have no problems w/ BB requiring some input / steps to scan other users profiles. Assuming that users are going to know that hitting Cancel on the UAC screen when starting BB will allow scanning the current user profile (instead of admin acct it was installed under) is a stretch for sure.

Thanks for the hard work on what otherwise seems like an advanced prgm in its class.

As I mentioned to you in (5, 'MoveFileEx', 'Access is denied.') thread, BleachBit 0.8.7 (Windows) cleans the account that is logged in regardless of the user accepting the UAC dialog. You can verify this by clicking Help - System Information where you will see something like this (Windows 7 is shown):

BleachBit version 0.8.7
GTK version 2.16.6
os.getenv('APPDATA') = C:\Users\z\AppData\Roaming
os.getenv('localappdata') = C:\Users\z\AppData\Local
os.getenv('USERPROFILE') = C:\Users\z
os.expanduser('~') = C:\Users\z

platform.win32_ver[1]() = 6.1.7600
platform.platform = Windows-Vista-6.1.7600
win32com.shell.shell.IsUserAnAdmin() = True

The bold paths are used as the base ("prefix") for finding and cleaning files. Run BleachBit with and without accepting the UAC dialog: the bold paths should not change. Let me know how that goes.

Andrew, lead developer