Not emptying rubbish bin (as administrator) on Linux Mint 17 Xfce


Hi all,

This is a strange one.

I run BB 1.2 on Linux Mint 17 Xfce and it all appears to work fine, apart from one thing.

When I run BB as administrator it doesn't clear files form the Rubbish Bin (\\\:trash), but if I run BB as a normal user, it clears the bin without any issues.

Is anyone able to reproduce this?



Linux has many ways to raise privileges to administrator, and some of them switch the user context so that all personal cleaners are cleaning the root account instead of your individual account. You can check this by clicking Help - System Information and checking the value for os.expanduser('~') . If it has /root then you are cleaning the root account and, therefore, root's trash can.

Andrew, lead developer