Errno Messages


Ubuntu 12.04
BB 0.9.1

Every time I use BB to clean (just a basic clean), I always get the same Errno # messages.
How do I fix them?
I know one has to do with Thunderbird - as I don't use it, I unistalled it. But every time BB gives me an Errno about it. Some parts of Thunderbird seem to still be on the puter.

A the end of BB, it tells me I have 6 errors.
How do I fix them?


BleachBit version 0.9.1 is five years old, and there have been many changes Would you please update? On this site I have BleachBit version 1.12 is available as a .deb package for Ubuntu 12.04.

If that does not help, please paste the error messages here.

Andrew, lead developer