Is drag and drop supposed to work under the custom or white list tab?


Bleachbit 0.9.5 portable, Vista x64.
Is drag & drop of files & folders supposed to work in the Custom & White list tabs / sections? Doesn't for me.

It shows an icon as if it's going to let me drag & drop a file, but when I release mouse, it disappears & no files are added.

If it worked at all, it'd be nice if you could select > 1 file or folder at a time to drag & drop.

Short of that, even going through the "Add File" or "Add Folder" to Custom Cleaner or White List, should be able to select > 1 file or folder at once.

If trying to clean a Firefox profile in a custom location, having to open & browse to the location a dozen times makes the custom cleaning feature very cumbersome to use.

BleachBit 0.9.5 does not support any drag and drop, though that is an interesting idea. I'm not sure when I will get to it, but I put the drag and drop idea on the bug tracker so it doesn't get lost: bug#1131014

What kind of custom location do you use for Firefox? Is it a portable "install"? Or is it registered with the Profile Manager (which I thinks lists the location in profiles.ini in the standard Firefox settings directory)? Do you use multiple profiles for Firefox?

Andrew, lead developer

Hmmm... looks like I clicked the wrong Reply link. Put my reply ahead of your question.

I have used custom cleaning - for Firefox & other apps - in a number of ways.

Even in its default location, there may be files to clean from extensions, etc., that no cleaner would list by default. I'm not sure if BB cleans all Firefox profile files, that could possibly contain private or sensitive data (I have a list, but haven't compared it to BB recently). But, BB does a pretty good job.

Other uses are for custom locations on HDD, so it makes protecting the profile easier. A profile on it's own partition makes cleaning free space easier, quicker w/o risking damage to the system drive. You can encrypt it if you want.

Then, as you mentioned, using Firefox from removable media. Some people just put their profile on a flash drive, for security or privacy.

I guess the drag & drop icon that appears when dragging a file to the BB UI is just an Explorer detail, that has nothing to do w/ whether an app actually supports D&D.

The other thing I mentioned - selecting > 1 file at a time would be far better than nothing. Don't know if either enhancement would be easier to code than the other.