To start BleachBit in most Linux distributions, click Start - Applications - System Tools - BleachBit.

If you see "permission denied" errors in Linux, try starting as root. One way is to click Start - Applications - System Tools - BleachBit as Administrator. Another way is to run:

sudo bleachbit

Depending on your system, sudo may be replaced with gksudo.


For standard installation: To start BleachBit in Windows, click the desktop shortcut. Alternatively click Start - Programs - BleachBit - BleachBit.

For portable use: open the folder created during installation. Double click on bleachbit.exe. Note: Windows may hide the .exe extension.

If you see "permission denied" errors in Windows, try starting as administrator. BleachBit 0.7.1 and earlier: Instead of left clicking on the BleachBit shortcut, right click. Then, choose Run as Administrator. BleachBit 0.7.2 and later on Windows Vista and 7: when BleachBit starts, Windows will ask you whether to run with administrator privileges.