BleachBit not working on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

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When I try to run BleachBit on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, I don't get beyond the preview. It gets as far as "Previewing LibreOffice" and then it freezes and the monitor turns grey. When I then try to close the window, I get a message to the effect of "Program not responding" and I have to force quit. I heave tried installing and uninstalling from both the Ubuntu software repository and SourceForge numerous times, along with countles reboots, and have tried from administrative and nonadministrative accounts. Any advice? I am a neophyte home user.

In case it is freezing because some directory has an unusually large amount of files, first uncheck all the options. Then try check one option at a time.

Another way to preview one option (without checking or unchecking anything) at a time is to right click on it.

A generally safe place to start (because they typically have few files) is by previewing the options under Google Chrome or Firefox.

If you discover this helps and which single option is freezing, please let me know by replying to this thread.

Andrew, lead developer

I tried each option individually as you suggested. They all worked fine except "Deep scan." That froze during preview and had to be force quit, just like my original problem. I tried individually running each suboption under Deep scan (.DS_Store, Backup files, Temporary files, and Thumbs.db), and the same thing happened with each suboption as happened with the Deep scan option. I greatly appreciate your help.

This helps to narrow it down.

Do you have any remote network file systems mounted (like ssh, ftp, cifs/windows) under your home directory ~? You can check using a command like df or mount.

Can you check while frozen BleachBit's process is using CPU cycles using any process monitoring tool like top or gnome-system-monitor ? I think Ubuntu by default comes with a tool called System Monitor.

Andrew, lead developer

I must make it clear that I am a total neophyte. When you asked about using commands, I figured you were talking about the terminal, so I opened that. When I entered df, I got
When I entered mount, I got more information than I could type here, but there was nothing like ssh, ftp, or cifs/windows.
When I previewed "Deep scan" and it froze, I couldn't detect any increase in CPU or memory usage in System Monitor under resources, nor did BleachBit appear under processes. I ran everything in BleachBit except Deep scan and System, and there was no detectable increase in CPU or memory usage, and BleachBit did not appear under processes.
As a separate issue, when I ran BleachBit except for Deep scan and System, I got 127 errors. I got alot of red error messages which included "E: Could not open lock file" and "[Errno 1] Operation not permitted." Does this mean that BleachBit is not successfully cleaning my hard drive?
As another separate issue, ever since I successfully ran everything except Deep scan, I have been unable to install any Ubuntu updates. I get an error message that there is not enough free disc space. After studying some postings on these forums, I went to my home folder and found a file with a really weird name which I can't access right now, which I'm pretty sure wasn't there before. I wanted to delete it, but that wasn't an option, so I moved it to Trash. Now, when I try to empty the Trash, I get a message which says "preparing..." but it never empties.
Again, I greatly appreciate your help.

You've raised three issues in one forum thread, which makes it hard to discuss. Please open separate forum topics for each issue.

For the file in the trash, you must delete it with permissions as root. If you want to delete everything in your trash, run the following command in a terminal
sudo rm -rf ~/.local/share/Trash/

About the red error messages: that means some files were not cleaned. Typically you would run BleachBit as administrator (root) and try again.

Andrew, lead developer