Trash files are not completely deleted.

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BleachBit removes some, but not all of the files in Ubuntu system's Trash folder. I would appreciate any help.

Update: I think the files that BleachBit couldn't remove had some thing wrong with their system mapping. They (a video and a pdf) would open from the Trash view. But when I tried to move them, they vanished. Since then BleachBit has been removing all of the files from the Trash folder.

bleachbit 1.12 STILL does not remove (overwrite) trash

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I have checked Trash on the main menu. Items in trash are not deleted.

I have added custom files for deletion: //files/* , which works on another directory that I use. But not for trash

I have added custom folders for deletion: //, also .../files/, /expunged/, etc. Nothing works to delete and overwrite the trash files.

Note that I can manually expunge the contents of trash folder by running shred -f -u -v -z -n 1 %U, but I would prefer to do it with Bleachbit,


Overwrite trash



I've looked around for the answer to this but can't seem to find it, apologies if I've missed it.

Does the overwrite files option shred any files in the trash folder (in Ubuntu or the recycle bin in windows)? Also, does anyone know if the overwrite option overwrites file slack?

Thanks for your help,

Option to Clear Partition Trash

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Suggestion: Add an option so that when running as root you can clean out ALL trash files on all partitions. Currently, you have no way to use BleachBit to clean out trash in places like /usr/local or /opt if they are separate partitions.

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