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A question about Shredding files using Python


I'm running on Windows Vista...

I've just started using BleachBit and so far I'm very impressed. There were two requirements I had when searching for such a tool: the first was the ability to securely shred files and the other was the ability to add my own folders, files and registry entries to the built-in ones. CleanerML is excellent for defining my own cleaners and is far superior to what I'd previously been using in CyberScrub, which I stopped using some time ago due to my dissatisfaction with several product updates.

Is BleachBit's one pass overwrite good enough?


Further to the earlier discussion about BleachBit's one pass overwrite
functions and whether BleachBit should use more than one pass for it's over wrting pattern:

"Studies have shown that most of today’s
media can be effectively cleared by
one overwrite." ?

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