BleachBit for openSUSE Tumbleweed

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Would a BleachBit package of v2.2 be possible for openSUSE Tumbleweed please?

The package for Leap 42.3 looks for gnome-python as a dependency, which creates an error on Tumbleweed (it's python-gtk which is needed as a dependency on Tumbleweed).

The source code version works if the dependencies required for v2.0 are installed, and you could use OpenSUSE Build Service as you have for other packages

Thank you.

RPM instal bug

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Use OpenSuse 12.1.

RPM : Bleachbit 0.9.5-1.1

RPM install not work

"bleachbit-lang-0.9.0-3.1.3.noarch requires bleachbit = 0.9.0, but this requirement cannot be provided"


Use bleachbit correct installed!!!

Bleachbit package for OpenSuse 11.4?


Was able to use Bleachbit in earlier versions of Opensuse however no Bleachbit support for Opensuse 11.4. Existing packages fail install with a "Action could not be completed" message/Python dependency error.

Any plans for an 11.4 compatible package, or any workaround to make existing version work in 11.4? Or has anyone been able to get Bleacbit to work in Opensuse 11.4?

Thanks in advance.

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