Custom cleaner

Create custom cleaner_data in binary file?


I'm not sure about the process to create custom cleaners for this type of data, or if it's realistically possible.
This is in Mint, but should have a similar concept in some distros.

I couldn't find a submitted cleaner for Mint's default text editor (XED) on, or for default text editors of most other distros.

Is drag and drop supposed to work under the custom or white list tab?


Bleachbit 0.9.5 portable, Vista x64.
Is drag & drop of files & folders supposed to work in the Custom & White list tabs / sections? Doesn't for me.

It shows an icon as if it's going to let me drag & drop a file, but when I release mouse, it disappears & no files are added.

If it worked at all, it'd be nice if you could select > 1 file or folder at a time to drag & drop.

Short of that, even going through the "Add File" or "Add Folder" to Custom Cleaner or White List, should be able to select > 1 file or folder at once.

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