starting Bleachbit with Windows


I have a strange problem: I have installed Bleachbit succesfully on several laptops, made a shortcut of the console.exe and placed it in the startup folder. Works like a charm!

Now, on another laptop I did the same thing but everytime Windows starts it opens the dialogue if I want to run the program and clicking OK it opens the standard gui of Bleachbit?

I want Bleachbit to silently clean when starting the laptop.
I run the latest version of Windows 10 and also the latest Bleachbit, I tried both the portable and install versions.

delete multiple via command line script on windows


Suppose I want to delete everything without a preview. There should be a way to do this from the command line in windows for batch file support.

something like:

bleachbit_console.exe -d *.*

or even:

bleachbit_console.exe -ini BleachBit.ini -d

To delete everything checked (True) in the ini file.

You can't possibly expect a script to go through each possible cleaning option.

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