Cleaning Vivaldi browser

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Can an entry be added for the Vivaldi browser?

Just curious about the list of apps being cleaned

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I installed Opera in WIndows 7 but Bleachbit 1.5.2 doesn't identify it on its software list. After running BB, I copied the processed list from its window and searched for "opera" and these were the only items found. Please note the link in "CProgram FilesOpera25.0....." I wonder if it's an error?

Delete 0 C:\Windows\temp\CProgram
Delete 214B C:\Windows\temp\opera_autoupdate.log

Will clean the History and Cache if I will use a Portable version of Firefox browser ??


I need to clean all the privacy files of my Portable browser that I use, Firefox. I dont have it installed on my PC, I have Chrome installed, but I want to know if its possible to clean the History files of the Portable Firefox. Thankyou !!

delete cookies but save important ones


feature request: "delete cookies but save important or useful ones" --

This would clear most all your browser cookies, but let you specify a list of sites whose cookies it wouldn't clear. I don't know how the interface should work with different browsers, but I suppose a first stab at it would be just one list for all browsers, which would make me happy. In that case, I guess it could be another tab next to the languages to preserve? I'll leave it to you though :)


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