new ubuntu 11.04


the new ubuntu Natty 11.04 arrived,

soon bleachbit 0.8.7-1 compatible with ubuntu natty 11.04 ?

the password "admin" (root) does not exist

example :

[Errno 13] Permission non accordée: '/usr/share/locale/haw/LC_MESSAGES'
[Errno 13] Permission non accordée: '/usr/share/locale/haw'
[Errno 1] Opération non permise: '/usr/share/locale/sd/LC_MESSAGES/'
[Errno 13] Permission non accordée: '/usr/share/locale/sd/LC_MESSAGES'
[Errno 13] Permission non accordée: '/usr/share/locale/sd'
[Errno 1] Opération non permise: '/usr/share/locale/ar/LC_MESSAGES/'

Option to Clear Partition Trash

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Suggestion: Add an option so that when running as root you can clean out ALL trash files on all partitions. Currently, you have no way to use BleachBit to clean out trash in places like /usr/local or /opt if they are separate partitions.

Can we use bleachbit with sudo on Ubuntu (10.04+) ?

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Will crash the system if we use the bleachbit with sudo on Ubuntu (10.04+) ? Is there users (on this forums) who had try it ?

Thank you!

BleachBit and Mandriva 2010.2

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In when version for Mandriva 2010.2 ?

Thank you

"warning: cannot find GPLv3 license text file"

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I'm using the RHEL6 based Scientific Linux 6.0 and downloaded the latest source code (bleachbit-0.8.7.tar.bz2) to compile BleachBit. Running sudo python install gives me this warning: "warning: cannot find GPLv3 license text file". The install process seems to finish nonetheless, except Bleachbit isn't installed at all.

BleachBit erases thumbnails from bookmarks in Chrome


Recently, BleachBit removes the thumbnails on my Google Chrome (10.0.648.82 beta, although it did this last under v9 beta, too) toolbar and in my bookmarks. To get them back, I have to click on each and every order for the thumbnail to reload. I had unchecked thumbnails and thumbs in BleachBit before I ran it today and it still removed all of my bookmark thumbnails.

Old Kernels

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I noticed that Bleachbit doesn't remove old Linux Kernels.

Delete button for whitelist folder


bleachbit_0.8.6-1_all_ubuntu1004.deb installed and when attempting to "add folder" to "whitelist" the file manager that opens list two actions....."Cancel" or "Delete". Why would I want to delete a folder I am whitelisting?

BleachBit 0.8.3-Linux-All of a sudden it's hanging, plus I can't clear config to reinstall as "new"


I noticed this tonight. I have Lucid 10.04, and all was fine with the prior release (including the "bonus pack") I do recall latest release was OK, too, but today I did a "preview", and it suddenly hung on something I don't have (yes, I have always checked apps I don't have...) I removed those checks, and then it hung on something else - eventually hanging on WINE - which I DO have...

I deleted any "bleach*" via synaptic, rebooted and then installed the OLD version from the Ubuntu Repositories. I then ran it - and it's got all the config/applications that are listed from 0.8.3!

Bleachbit in RHEL4?

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Hi, I am trying to install bleachbit in RHEL4. It is asking for a whole lot of other upgrades - pygtk2-2.6, python update etc etc.. Problem is all those are not available for RHEL4. And Tryign to build each one from the source is becomign a never ending story. (I am a noobie in linux). So, here's my query.. Is bleachbit supported for RHEL4? Or should i just give up? Thanks a lot.


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